Who is AythyA?

Each creation is the result of a never ending research.

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Which are the inspiring Artistic Values?
  1. Mental attitude: meditate over the piece created with positive thoughts.
  2. Distinctive elements: fit, colour, distinctive symbols and distinctiveness are all basic values.
  3. Colour: the science of chromotherapy used for each piece influences our body and our moods.
  4. Sacred Language: an ancient archetypal language made of symbols that reawaken positive feelings.
  5. Spirals: symbol of the continuous cycle of nature and life
  6. Selfica: attractor of synchronicity and of positive events
  7. Elements: creative inspirations from the animal world and from the world of plants.
  8. Sustainability: artisans and materials from Italian companies, all ethical and sustainable.

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Why are colours and shades so important?

Light influences all living beings through its different frequencies that correspond to the various colours of the rainbow.

Knowing the characteristics of each colour helps to wear them with a deeper sense of awareness regarding their true benefits for both the physical body and the mind.

Is it true that I can match some colours to each day of the week?

Aythya proposes an original yet powerful association between colours and days of the week, as an homage to Falco’s teachings (her spiritual guide).

Colours Planet Characteristics
Monday Blue and Silver tones Moon Sensibility and Introspection. Intuition
Tuesday Green Venus Love
Wednesday Earth tones Mercury Communication
Thursday Yellow, Orange and Gold Jupiter Richness
Friday Red, Pink and Bordeaux Mars Activity
Saturday Pastels Saturn Gentleness
Sunday Preferably White Sun Positivity


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What are the symbols painted on Aythya’s creations?

Each symbol painted on the scarves has a particular meaning and carries a specific energy and frequency.

Aythya uses symbols of an archetypal language connected to elements and spirals.

The use of these ancestral symbols can access containers of archetypal and universal energy.

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Why is Art so important for Aythya?

I studied “History of Art” at the University of Rome, and then I continued my studies at the High Institute for Conservation and Restoration.

I grew up in a family that considered Art as something to could and had to be experienced in the everyday life: my parents were musicians, and when I was little I was fascinated by the enthusiasm with which my father used to tell me about all the museums he had visited during his tours around the world.

The classicism of the Renaissance, the enamelled colours used by the Italian Masters of the XVth Century, the precious golden reflections…my eyes were filled by those examples, and even if I’m still not entirely aware of this, today I wouldn’t be able to choose the colours I use for my creations, without unavoidably showing the influence of Piero della Francesca, Spanzotti, Pinturicchio, Antonello da Messina, and many more.

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