Is it true that each piece is unique?

AythyA creates and hand-paints each piece. Each creation is thus absolutely unique and just as original as a work of art.

Each creation in silk is hand-painted with a paint brush and a spray bottle.

No printed designs, no chemical treatments, no mass production.

In order to be able to sell our products online and thanks to our customers’ feedback, we have selected some among the most appreciated designs. For what concerns the design it is recreated based on a model, but regardless each piece is hand-painted.

Small differences in the shades of the colours or in the design are thus characteristic elements of the artisanal production and are a guarantee of the originality and uniqueness of the product.

Is it possible to personalise my product?

Of course. Aythya is always happy to receive suggestions and\or particular requests. You can take inspiration from the various designs of our products and then choose the colours, shades, symbols and theme you prefer.

AythyA will then be able to create a scarf specifically designed for you.

It is also possible – by sending a sample – to paint the silk to match it with a specific colour, so as to create an impeccable ensemble.


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Are the scarves and the clothes made by Aythya Silk, one size fits all?

Yes, each piece was studied to fit all sizes. You can play with the length of the scarves, the kaftans and jackets so as to elegantly adjust them to your body.

The size of a piece is written in the “Product Details” section of this website.

Is it a 100% Made in Italy production?

Each piece is 100% MADE IN ITALY and hand-painted by Aythya in the Aythya Silk Atelier, near Turin.

Each accessory used during the production of the pieces is exclusively created by Italian artisans.

What type of colours are used?

The colours are specific hues used to print designs on silk (Jayana, Marabù), but in this type of production they are hand-painted or sprayed on the piece.

In order to obtain shades of gutta that resonate with her creative needs AythyA personally creates a compound of mineral, metallic and binding pigments, tested throughout years of research in order to guarantee a lasting performance in time, even after various washes.

In order to always obtain new, original and unique shades of colours AythyA combines each colour in an almost alchemical way. This is what makes each piece truly unique and original.


It is also possible – by sending a sample – to paint the silk to match it with a specific colour, so as to create an impeccable ensemble.


The colours undergo the most restrictive ecological protocols.

What are the different types of silk?

The material used is 100% pure silk, made in Italy by companies based in Como, an area known for the production of some of the highest quality fabrics in Italy.

A Momme is a Japanese unit of measurement used for creations in silk and it indicates the weight per square meter.

One Momme = 3.75 grams or 0,13 ounces.

Gauze – 3-5 momme

Organza – 4-6 momme

Habutai – 12-16 momme

Chiffon – 6-8 momme (or double thickness 12-16 momme)

Crêpe de Chine – 12-16 momme

Raw Silk – 35-40 momme

Charmeuse – 12-30 momme


Read the full article to learn more.

What are the processing techniques used by AythyA?

I first trace the design with a gold gutta. This is what separates the various coloured fields . Then I choose the three main colours, of which one is complementary and I also choose the colours that I use for smaller portions of the design. Once I have done with the coating in the  spaces traced and limited by the gutta I add wefts carefully placed in specific places and then I proceed to splash the colour and add more gold gutta if needed.

The tools I use for my creations are Japanese brushes of different sizes, sponge paint brushes and a spray bottle.

Each colour is energetically treated so as to purify its frequency.

How is the Packaging?

Each scarf is laid inside a hand-painted silk bag, created by Italian artisans in their atelier and painted by AythyA.

In this way the packaging is not only functional but it also becomes an authentic work of art that can be reused in a variety of different ways.

Which labels do I find?

You will find two tags next to the label of the scarf: the smaller one contains washing instructions, the other one has a line on which you can leave a note; under the line you will find the meaning of the colours and the symbols individually written by hand.

Caring for silk

Hand-wash with delicate soap, do not soak, dry in the shade, do not use dryer, iron on “silk” setting.

Silk is an extremely delicate type of fabric. The fibres should only be washed with neutral detergents and with temperatures under 40 °C  (104 °F).