Mental attitude: meditate over the piece created with positive thoughts

When I paint I think about the meaning of what I am painting: vitality, happiness, dream…so that each piece is charged and ready for the person who is going to wear it.

I listen to harmonious music with this goal in mind: sounds and colours are frequencies that “charge” and imbue the piece.

Distinctive elements: fit, colour, distinctive symbols and recognisability are all basic values.

The clothes we choose to wear are way more than just a protection for our physical body.
Clothes represent what we want to communicate to ourselves and to others, as well as the things we are interested in and the lives we have.

- Versatile production. Figure-hugging fits for different sizes.
- Each piece can fit more body shapes: everyone will be able to find the right combination to show off their figure.
- Recurring designs, original and distinctive symbols, that are part of a very ancient archetypal vocabulary.

Colour: the science of chromotherapy used for each piece influences our body and our moods.

Light influences all living beings through its different frequencies that correspond to the various colours of the spectrum.
Knowing the characteristics of each colour helps to wear them with a deeper sense of awareness regarding their true benefits for both the physical body and the mind.
For example ancient Egyptians were masters of chromotherapy.

Each colour, especially in the Renaissance, was associated by the masters of the time to the seven planets of the Solar System, who were in turn associated with a day of the week.

In Damanhur we manifest this connection by combining the chromatic frequency to each planet, so as to exalt or attenuate its characteristics. That is why it becomes even easier to pick what to wear… or if to take advantage of the Total Black - in my case more of a Total Brown - look to show off distinctive accessories.

Ancient and modern finally together!

Colours Planet Characteristics
Monday Blue and Silver tones Moon Sensibility and introspection. Intuition
Tuesday Green Venus Love
Wedsnesday Earth tones Mercury Communication
Thursday Yellow, Orange and Gold Jupiter Richness
Friday Red, Pink and Bordeaux Mars Activity
Saturday Pastels Saturn Gentleness
Sunday Preferably White Sun Positivity

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Sacred Language: an ancient archetypal language comprising symbols that re-awaken positive feelings.

The Sacred Language represents a big sector of the Damanhurian philosophy. It is an archetypal language made with symbols, ideograms and movements.

According to Falco’s teachings - founder of the eco-community of Damanhur - this ancestral language dates back to a time when Humanity possessed the highest meanings to interpret life. According to some myths, the sacred language was spoken by Humankind before the creation of the city of Babel, and it is believed that it might even date back to the ancient civilization of Atlantis.

The use of these ancestral symbols can access containers of archetypal and universal energy: actual engines of the creative strength of the Thought.

You can choose your piece by choosing the symbols that you feel more connected to.

Here are some of the symbolsmeanings that I use the most in my creations:

Life RA
Dream / Foresight TALEJ
Happiness IPIAL
Strong and creative thought UATUATì

Spirals: symbol of the continuous cycle of nature and life

The Spiral is one of nature’s most common configurations.
From the world of plants to seashells and even in our fingerprints, from galaxies to some animals’ horns or even the very same structure of the DNA.

The whole universe is a combination of different spirals, and so for several reasons this is the symbol that exudes and radiates an image of strength and of vital movement.

Selfica: attractor of synchronicity and positive events

The boundaries of mysticism are ever more explored by quantum physics.

A discipline that re-defines the meanings of energy and knowledge. More and more often the scientific community describes our universe as an Energy, shaped by thoughts.

Many traditions use mythology to describe this phenomenon. Ancient civilizations used to create and use objects to connect to the living energies of the cosmos.

The majority of these ancient symbols are still used by millions of people all around the world

In Damanhur, we do this thanks to the use of Selfica: an art-science based on the basic shape of our universe, the spiral, and on a precise mathematics of forms and proportions.

Selfica attracts synchronicity, meaning positive events, by acting on the space-time. It is mostly used in the field of health and wellness or to bring harmony to an environment.

If you are looking for more information about Selfica here is the website:

Elements: creative inspirations from the Animal World and from the Plants World.

I use the elements (air, water, earth, fire) and I paint the world of plants and the animal world through the representation of distinctive elements (feathers, scales, etc.) and even larger materials such as leaves of different trees, but also and especially dandelions.

This aspect inspires the creation of pieces with elegant and delicate lines.


Sustainability: artisans and materials from Italian companies, all ethical and sustainable.

Some principles that inspire me:

  • Do as much as you can on your own but use the help of Italian artisans when needed
  • The use of materials made by ethical and sustainable Italian companies.
  • Do not use industrially-produced accessories like zippers, opt for laces and buttons
  • Use the logic of reusability. I often use what I have and I reuse fabric scraps.
  • I privilege finishing my creations by hand.

My creations and the ‘Made in Italy’ production

The techniques I use

I first trace the design with a gold gutta. This is what separates the various coloured coating (campitura/ fields).

Then I choose the three main colours, of which one is complementary and I also choose the colours that I use for smaller portions of the design.

Once I have done the coating of the spaces traced and limited by the gutta, I add carefully placed wefts in specific places and then I proceed to splash the colour and add more gold gutta if needs be.

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The material

The material used is 100% pure silk, made in Italy by companies based in Como, an area known for the production of some of the highest quality fabrics in Italy.

Lately, as the result of a continuous research on how to further improve my techniques, I started to experiment with a gutta made with mineral pigments, metallic powders and properly diluted in resins.

The colours undergo the most restrictive ecological protocols

Packaging and labels

We want each detail to be original and carefully crafted.

The materials are recycled as much as possible; the colours of the packaging must suit those of the scarves.

The bags and the boxes that contain the scarves are also individually hand-painted.