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Bits of History The techniques and methods used to produce and paint over precious silk fabrics were kept secret by Chinese artisans until the XI Th. century. However silk was later produced by other civilizations and it even underwent a phase of industrialization. An oath of secrecy was one of the requirements to become part
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If you like colors, you probably know that there’s thousands of different shades of a single color…each with a respective name.   The History of colors For centuries, fabrics and clothes were dyed with the same types of natural pigments. But at the beginning of the XIX Th. Century, thanks to industrial and chemical developments,
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Do you want to know how to have a closet that reflects the person you want to be; comfortable, admired, elegant and prepared for every occasion?   We all dream to have the perfect closet, made of clothes that effortlessly and elegantly match together.   Let me share with you some tips that help me
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A Momme is a Japanese unit of measurement used for creations in silk and it indicates the weight per square meter. One Momme = 3.78 grams or 0,13 ounces. The higher the number, the heavier the fabric. Gauze – 3-5 momme Organza – 4-6 momme Habotai – 12-16 momme Chiffon – 6-8 momme (or double
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I must thank two masters of silk painting; one whose name I can’t remember…and the second one I’ve never met.   The teacher I met during my summer vacation I met my first teacher during a vacation in Cefalù. I remember he was serious and meticulous, Portuguese and…that’s it. We’re talking about almost thirty years
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Silk is an extremely delicate type of fabric. The fibers should only be washed with mild detergents and with temperatures under 40 °C  (104 °F). It’s best to keep your silk garments in a dry, dark place. Exposing silk to sunlight can cause the colors to fade or yellow.   If not mixed with wool,
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I grew up in a family that considered Art something that could and had to be experienced in everyday life.   A little girl and the Italian Renaissance My parents were musicians, and when I was little I was fascinated by the enthusiasm with which my father used to tell me about all the museums
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A little bit of history is essential to understand the real value of what you’re wearing.   We’re accustomed to live in a type of society that favors synthetic fibers over natural materials because of economic reasons, practicality etc.. A society in which deciding to wear clothes made of natural materials becomes a precise indicator