“My mother used to tell me that doing things in a hurry did not mean doing them badly, it just meant that each gesture was done a little faster. "

“This is at the origin of my, almost maniacal, attention to the proper use of the time at my disposal and it is also what taught me never to settle for anything less than perfection.”

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My life dedicated to painting on silk, Italian Art and Beauty

My family and the passion for Art and Beauty

My grandmother and my mother knew many handicrafts and at a young age I learned to embroider, crochet and sew.

My parents taught me always to follow my passions. They believed that if I had pursued my dream job, even if by the very nature of the job it offered no financial securities, I would find satisfaction.

Later on, several peculiar things happened in my life, let me tell you about them…

Apprenticeships and painting techniques

I have always worked a lot with my hands. And whenever I had some time to spare I would try out new techniques.

At 13 I won a prize for the creation of a blue silk shawl, with hand-painted waterlilies…

LaWhen I was 15 I started an apprenticeship with an Anglo-Pakistani painter in Rome. She shared her refined techniques of decoration with varnishes on ceramics and she taught me how to print designs on silk. ter on, several peculiar things happened in my life, let me tell you about them…

All of her techniques were imbued by a halo of maniacal precision and were heavily influenced and inspired by the East.

But it was not until almost 10 years later, during a summer vacation, that I finally had the chance to express my artistic potential; in trying to find shelter from the unbearably hot Cefalu sun, I sought refuge in the most original artisan laboratory nearby. And that is when I met a very affable Portuguese man who taught me how to paint on silk.

A Professional Career dedicated to Art

I was born in Rome, and when I was 12 I decided that I wanted to become an art conservator, so I could work while being immersed in the world of Art. I studied “History of Art” at the University of Rome, and then I continued my studies at the High Institute for Conservation and Restoration. .

I have been teaching these disciplines while also working on pieces for nearly 40 years, both in the Temples of Humankind in Damanhur and all around Italy.

But now let me tell you some peculiar things about myself

The Italian Art that inspired me

I have always been inspired by the Italian Renaissance and by artists like Piero della Francesca, Antonello da Messina and Cosmè Tura: their works are a mixture of clean shapes, enamelled colours with powerful vibrations of celestial geometries and proportions.

Another important influence comes from Japan; from the masterful balance of black and white, and the elegant, incorruptible and immutable simplicity of a singular, perfect gesture: in fashion the shapes and the colours of Issay Miyake.

To me, beauty is the attentive care of details and the harmonious pairing of colours. Beauty can attract elevated frequencies that express gestures and thoughts.

The technique, knowledge and alchemy of painting of silk

After almost 25 years since I first started painting on silk, and - after having explored each shape and size of foulards, scarves and shawls - I decided to experiment with the creation of clothes meant to be worn for both special occasions and for everyday life.

Living in a spiritual community has allowed me to mix knowledge, different frequencies of colours and ancient symbols of the Sacred Language; archetypical symbols that add powerful energies that can concretely activate abstract concepts like Happiness, Spiritual Growth, Health, Love, Abundance (all represented by intricate symbols).

Each piece is thus energetically charged to delicately attract those “vibrations” for the person who is wearing it.

Difficult moments

Deciding to start my own company years ago, was a giant leap in the dark!…but deciding to close it was an even bigger one. Those were extremely challenging times.

But when I realised that I was not alone, that something was supporting me and guiding me towards synchronicity, all kinds of aid started to manifest itself in my life and encouraged me to move on.

The strength of harmonious energies present in the colours and the shapes painted over the transparency of the silk were helpful for me and for others who wore them.

Deciding to continue, encouraged by the support of friends and by incredible synchronic signs, has allowed me to experience a whole other level of satisfaction.

Do you want to know where it has brought me?

AythyA Silk today

In time, I experimented with square foulards, rectangular scarves, elegant clothes and painted silk, later used to create clothes destined to be worn in everyday life. But eventually, I went back to what has always been my biggest passion: accessories.

The details I use are the result of a careful research of elegance, originality, colours and rich fabrics.

My future

I love mixing and combining colours, shapes and forms: I want to create pieces that people fall in love with. Pieces made of refined and colourful materials and that, when worn, radiate positivity.

My goal is to create a sense of satisfaction for those who wear my creations, because in the end originality, beauty, elegance, femininity, versatility all have a common goal: to express the brightest part in all of us with a fluid serenity.

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